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So, you must be wondering what?s all the hype around Bingo3X?

We are a brand new bingo site and we are set to blow you off!

Fun designs - First up, take a look at the site and the design elements which have been incorporated in it. We have customised the site in a way that makes maneuvering a joy and playing bingo even more so. From the homepage to the lobby to your bingo tickets, everything has been done up with you and your comfort in mind. At Bingo3X, nothing comes between you and fun!

Brand Mascots - Get personal with our mascots, Chase, Bravos and NJS. Whether you are after money or it is romance you hanker after or you want a host of additional elements to spice up your life, our boys are cut-out to do all this and more. You don?t know what you are missing out on until you get to know them up, close and personal. Catch them on Facebook for a laugh-riot experience at Bingo3X.

Promotions - Run into our range of exclusive promotions, offers, bonus schemes and contests. Be it the on-site offers or the competitions on our Facebook fan page, we offer a whole lot more for you to enjoy. What?s even better, you won?t find these in any other online bingo site. Giveaways and glitzy promos are the backbone of our site so come, play!

Bonus Booster - One of our most popular ventures, the Bonus Booster is a Facebook application which is available to players on our Facebook fan page. Depositing players who have liked our page get to play this fun slot game. You will get three chances everyday to play the game and win ?15. Join our ever growing Facebook community to spin and win!

Club - We are soon going to launch our own club, to be called the Bingo3X Club. Here, we promise to introduce tons of new activities and features that will keep you hooked for sure. While the ardent fans among you will have site wallpapers and screensavers to download, there?d also be weekly horoscope, funny videos, comic strips, discussion platforms as well as the site blog for your different moods and fancies.

Custom Room - Our upcoming Bingo3X Custom Room will not only be three times more fun, it will also have three times the prize money than regular online bingo sites! Keep watching this space for the latest on it.

Bingo3X is more than just bingo. It is fun, both on the site and off it.

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